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Gemma, writing as Fiola Faelan...

STEAMY: Written for a Mainstream audience. Novel has heavy sexual tension and graphic details. Reader may encounter coarse language and sex scenes containing some adult language.

She hides behind her broken heart…

Natalie suffered through a loss no mother should ever have to and came out the other side vowing to keep her fractured heart locked away forever. She thinks inheriting her grandma’s house will allow her to hide away in the big Victorian – but her meddling cousin, surprisingly sexy neighbor and his cute as a button little girl have other ideas.

So what if the little cherub wants all the houses on the block decorated? Natalie hadn’t celebrated Christmas since losing her son and wasn’t about to start now. The little girl and her handsome-as-sin father could just stay on their side of the fence and let her be.

He doesn’t want to feel the tug of attraction for his sexy, snarky neighbor…

Zach’s decision to ignore his unfriendly, smoking-hot new neighbor should be an easy one, even if he feels a tug of regret he won’t get to know her better. He wants nothing to do with a woman who would snap at his little girl over something as trivial as decorating for the holiday.

So what if one house on the block isn’t decorated, and that he’d need to ensure his little girl stayed away from the leggy brunette next door? Too bad she wasn’t more like the grandma who lived there previously, and that he felt a tug of sympathy at the pain radiating from her beautiful eyes.

Her cousin, the matchmaker…

Turns out Zach is best friends with Natalie’s cousin, who conveniently kept quiet about who was moving in next door, knowing both his cousin and his best friend needed their hearts healed and love in their lives.

The flames in her house kindle the heat flaming between them…

Neither Zach or Natalie are prepared for hearts tripping and emotional barriers falling when he snatches her from the flames engulfing her home and winds up tucking her into his spare bedroom. Little does he know his ability to play nothing more than caretaker until she’s back on her feet is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Will holiday hearts awaken to passion and new love, or will Zach and Natalie let this chance at healing their broken hearts pass them by?


~ jlreader

5 Stars “Loved the alpha male and the feisty heroine! A little bit of suspense and some good teasing. Lots of feel good romance! I’ll be back for more.”


~ D. McCollumon

5 Stars “Excellent story!! I loved this story! A great read anytime of year

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