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Meet Gemma

As a child, Gemma didn’t color between the lines. Nope, she used those crayons to craft short stories, then tossed them over her shoulder to dash outside and live her own adventures.  

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By the time she was five, she’d moved with her family from one Naval base to another, from her origin in Oklahoma to Virginia, then Memphis Tennessee, finally landing in rural San Jose California before Silicon Valley was even a gleam in its eyes, attending Almaden Elementary School, an honest to goodness adobe with a bell tower.

She was introduced to uber-alpha guys through her dad's  WWII stories, then discovered more strong men in Santa Clara County rodeo-country while barrel-racing her Appaloosa from Livermore to Almaden Valley to Salinas. It was a trial, trying to keep her eyes on the barrels instead of sexy wrangler-encased masculine butts.

Cropped running.PNG

As she got older and the horse was replaced with a Cougar with four tires instead of hooves, she realized sexy, alpha guys weren’t found only on horseback. They were also discovered (and drooled over) straining biceps as they lifted heavy weights in a gym, or striding through the streets in police or military uniform, their sinewy quads flexing in their confident swagger.

Ohh, boy! It was time to combine her love of writing, sans-crayon, with her appreciation of alpha men with manners, along with the ever-present happily ever after, and voila!


'Romancing the Alpha' was born

Between her late-twenties and late-thirties, Gemma lived in a variety of interesting, alpha-inhabited places, from San Jose California to Berkeley, back to San Jose to Oahu, back to San Jose, finally to land in the beautiful Portland Metro area of Oregon.


Nowadays, Gemma travels virtually through the internet, scoping out more ideas and searching for strong women to drive crazy – and romance – these sexy, strong alpha guys. I hope to see you there, and perusing the pages of my books!


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